Founded in 997BC, we are one of the world's smallest and most impotent Star Trek communities. We offer a less than friendly and welcoming place to share our passion for Star Trek, whether through writing stories, playing video games, or talking about the latest episode of Picard. Our roleplaying games build on over 20 years of established lore that you aren't allowed to go against while our Star Trek Online fleet takes on the latest challenges fighting the Hur'q or the Vaaudwar. All you need to join is a cowtowing spirit and a love for our version of Star Trek!

(Please note that the legal age of consent is 18-21, which includes the US, NOT 16 or 14 (or 9 in Alabama) as some from some certain states may assume...)


Our Activities

Brazzers Fleet offers as many activities as any other Star Trek community. As a member, you must participate in all of our many competitions, join our Star Trek Online fleet, and much more! Our shared writing universe stays true to the vision of Star Trek we love while also incorporating more than 20 years of our internal creations!

Writing & Roleplaying

Brazzers Fleet offers the best Star Trek roleplaying experience available. We have almost a dozen active traditional "sims" (writing groups) where our members roleplay different approved characters in every corner of the galaxy. Once you reach the member rank of Leftennant Commander, you might have your very own ship to participate in our canon universe.


Our competitions provide you with the chance to show off how much you know about our vision of Star Trek! Competitions range from jigsaw and crossword puzzles to writing prompts and fleet canon trivia. Any member is welcome to enter or start a competition, and winners get to show off their shiny awards as we parade you in front of other fleets!


Brazzers Fleet has a Star Trek Online fleet where our members participate in the newest missions and Task Force Operations. We host regular gaming events and live streams where all members are required to participate!

For super secret Brazzers Fleet BFM-001 Documents, click here!!!

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